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National Inspectorate For Environment, Nature and Water

Contact details:
H-1016 Budapest, Mészáros u. 58/a.
Post: 1539 Bp. P.O. Box. 675
Fax: 36-1-224-9162

The founding and supervisory body of the National Inspectorate is the Ministry for Environment and Water. The Inspectorate is a ministerial organisation under the supervision of the minister for environment and water, its budget is part of the central administration's budget.

Its jurisdiction covers the whole area of Hungary. The 10 regional inspectorates for environment, nature and water and 2 sub-offices are the 'green authorities' at first instance, while their supervisory National Inspectorate works mainly as an authority at second instance.

Based on appeals or as a supervisory body, the first instance decisions related to environmental issues are reviewed by the National Inspectorate. The authority work performed by regional inspactorates is coordinated and controlled by the National Inspectorate.

As first instance authority - set by legislation for environment, nature and water - the National Inspectorate issues permits for certain activities, gives expert authority opinions, imposes fines and penalties.

Concerning transboundary environmental issues, it coordinates international co-operations.In the field of authority work, it plays role in the implementation of international co-operation individually, but the ministry may charge other tasks also in this regard.

It takes part in the tasks connected to the EU integration, in PHARE and ISPA projects, may contribute to the formulation of environmental policy and works actively in the IMPEL, the informal network of environmental inspectors of the EU.Its quarterly publication is called The Green Authority Bulletin.